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Don't Take Clean Water for Granted.

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98% of water

available to drink

lies underground

Groundwater is essential to sustain life on earth. It is our responsibility to protect it. It takes skilled professionals to safely access groundwater systems and protect both people and groundwater systems from contamination.

Groundwater Protection

available to drink lies within groundwater aquifers.

households rely solely on wells drilled by the groundwater industry.

Americans get their drinking water from a groundwater source.

of water per day is used by the average American family.

Imminent Shortage

The Groundwater Workforce Crisis

An estimated 1 in 4 geoscience workers will retire by 2029, leading to a 130,000-person shortfall of professionals critical to accessing groundwater.

To keep our groundwater protected, we need to not only train existing groundwater workers for career advancement, but also recruit new people into the water access industry.

Groundwater Careers

There are many career options within the groundwater industry. These career spotlights showcase some of the valuable positions needed to help protect groundwater. No matter your experience, education or interests, there is a groundwater career option for you. 

Groundwater Training

Training new professionals is crucial to protecting our groundwater aquifers. NGWA University is a training program designed to address the workforce shortage and offers training in specialized skills needed to advance or begin a career in groundwater.

The courses are taught by experienced groundwater professionals and designed by a team of educators. The content covers workplace safety, the basics of groundwater access, rig types, and well creation. Anyone interested in joining the groundwater workforce can take these courses to earn micro-credentials they can showcase to groundwater employers.

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Future Geoscientists 

Young students can be motivated to value clean water access. Awesome Aquifer 360 (AA360)  includes 5-8 grade earth science lessons to teach groundwater concepts. Teachers receive video tutorials and resources to easily implement these lessons into their classrooms.

To meet the high demand for STEM resources among teachers nationwide, NGWA University has initiated sponsorship opportunities. These sponsorships aim to ensure that these vital lessons on groundwater concepts reach as many students as possible. Over 250 classrooms have already received these valuable resources for free thanks to this initiative.

Water Well Wish

Join our mission to provide life’s most basic need – clean, safe drinking water – to families and communities in need. Lack of access to healthy drinking water can reduce life expectancy by up to 20 years. Together, we can make a significant impact and bring hope and health to those without access to this essential resource.

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Groundwater Research

We face serious issues in groundwater access. Groundwater aquifers across the nation continue to be depleted faster than they can naturally replenish. Subsidence and drought conditions impact food supply and disproportionately affect rural communities. The Washington Post and New York Times have published articles discussing the groundwater issues our nation faces. Oklahoma State University and the National Ground Water Association are collaborating with local, state, and federal agencies to create programs and conduct research critical to address all aspects of groundwater access. 

Get Involved in Groundwater

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Become an educated advocate of groundwater issues by learning more about groundwater and discovering current groundwater initiatives. 

An image of the AA360 kit, which includes an acrylic tank with gravel inside.


Show your support of families in need of clean drinking water through Water Well Wish, or supply K-12 classrooms with AA360 and groundwater lessons.


Become a groundwater professional and help protect our precious groundwater resources. Start your training today through NGWA University.

Image of a person operating a drilling rig.


Have ideas on research, public outreach, curriculum, or want to become a partner? If you would like to get involved with NGWA University, contact us today! 

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